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Have The Doc, a Court Recognized Forensic Analyst examine your Red Light Camera /Speeding Ticket. Our simple promise is to provide you with a forensic video analysis  to help you exercise your right to unbiased evidence. This enables you to get a fair hearing and impartial treatment. We currently provides two services for Illinois motorists:

Red Light Camera Tickets – Was the red light camera ticket you received fair or not fair? You can confidentially submit your ticket information to BarnetF@gmail.com for a free, professional evaluation. See details for submitting your red light camera ticket for a complimentary evaluation.

Speeding Tickets (Illinois) (LIDAR/LASER/RADAR) – Was the speeding ticket you received undeserved? There may be easy, low-cost help available to you! Contact us for details. BarnetF@gmail.com

We believe most drivers are responsible and do not intentionally violate traffic signals nor speed limits. However, some traffic laws are now used to encourage revenue instead of providing for safer roads, their original intent. It is not fair when the ability to abuse the law takes financial precedent if you are issued a computer-generated ticket. You have the right to educate yourself and we provide you with that information! Our library includes location-specific data which helps assess the accuracy of your citation.

And our success rate is phenomenal and backs up our promise! Check it out for yourself on our “Batting Average” page. You too can put this knowledge on your side to strength your defense. Contact us for details.